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Our English website is under construction.

Visit us again soon.

Meanwhile, visit our Japanese website or call the clinic

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Reception times AM PM
Monday 09:00~13:00 14:00~18:00
Tuesday 09:00~13:00 14:00~18:00
Wednesday 09:00~13:00 14:00~16:30
Thursday 09:00~13:00 14:00~18:00
Friday 09:00~13:00 14:00~18:00
Saturday 09:00~13:00 Close
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2014 Hong Kong public holidays


01 01 Fri New Year
08 02 Mon Lunar New Year`s Day
09 02 Tue The 2nd day of Lunar New Year
10 02 Wen The 3rd day of Lunar New Year
25 93 Fri Good Friday
26 03 Sat The day following Good Friday
28 03 Mon Easter Monday
04 04 Mon Ching Ming Festival
02 05 Mon Labour day
14 05 Sat Buddha's birthday
09 06 Thu Duanwu festival
01 07 Fri HKSAR establishment day
16 09 Fri mid-autumn festival
01 10 Sat National day
10 10 Mon The second day of Chongyang festival
26 12 Mon The First day of Christmas  Day
27 12 Tue The fSecond day of Christmas  Day



You can call us by website.

Business hours are from 9:00 to 18:00. Weekends and statutory holidays.

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