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medical examination subjectGeneral internal and surgical medical examination medical adviser
Inspection subject
electrocardiogram chest X-ray examination ultrasonic examination
mammogram gastric camera examination fundus examination
blood test breath test audiometry etc.
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MTR Causeway Bay D1 Exit, Sogo Sea Side / Excelsior Hotel Horizontal

3606 World Trade Center 36 / F, 280 Gloucester Road,
Causeway Bay, Hong Kong
Phone number(852) 2890 - 8027
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New arrival news

July 12, 2018

I am informing you from Lisa Cham Clinic. 

You can use Medical Ticket of Hong Kong Government Chief Medical Officer at this clinic.
HKD 2,000 (HKD 3,000 only in FY 2018 only) is credited annually to the individual ID account managed by the Hong Kong government office for people over the age of 65 who have a Hong Kong ID. It can be used for medical treatment, medicine, vaccination etc.

Message from Dr Lisa

Medical information and news from now will be delivered by e-mail as "Message from Dr Lisa".
If you wish, please fill out the registration form on receipt of the clinic and submit it to the reception desk.

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· MTR (Subway) Causeway Bay Station D1 Exit (Sogo Sea side, next to the Excelsior Hotel).
· In case of coming by car, taxi, Causeway Bay World Trade Center (Jiangdong liquor store side).

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